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Language Development Activities

Language Development in Children

Have some fun while helping your child learn. These language development activities will create fun and learning during play time. Develop those important pre-reading, reading and language skills with these activities.

LeapFrog Tag Learn to Read Phonics Book Series Short Vowels

Reading and Writing - Reading and writing support each other. Get your child involved in writing from a young age with these activities.

Writing Pumpkin Poems - A great fall activity for kids of all ages.

Using Classic Rhymes - Rhyming is an important pre-reading skill. Have fun with these activities that will create good rhyming technique.

Encouraging Your Child to Write - How in the world do you get your child to write? This is the battle cry of many parents. A lot of imagination is all you need to get your child writing.

How To Listen - Listening to and giving directions helps your child to sharpen listening and speaking skills. (For ages 5 to 7)

Taking Turns - Learning to take turns helps your child build spoken language skills as well as learn to work with others (For ages 5 to 7).

Rhyme and Sing - Young children love to hear, sing and say nursery rhymes and songs. Counting rhymes and songs can be both enjoyable for them and introduce them to basic mathematics concepts (Math for Preschoolers).

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn

Make Reading Fun - Use these 10 ideas to make reading fun for your child

Create a Story Book - Build confidence and have fun by creating a book together.

Easy to Make Puppets - This puppet making activity will have your child creating stories and enhancing their language development.

Writing Box - Make a writing box with your child and the will have the tools to explore and develop their writing talents.

Drawing Stories - A picture is worth 1000 words. Use these techniques to help turn your child's drawing time into a lesson on story telling.

Fun with Reading Comprehension - Help your child learn to understand what they read with this fun activity.

Mother Goose Book and Ideas - Download a Mother Goose Coloring and Rhyming book and help your child expand their vocabulary, enjoy rhyming and creativity. Alliteration Leads to Reading Having fun with alliteration is a great way to teach children about letter sounds. Here are some fun activities to try.
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