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Plant a Garden With Your Child

Children's Garden

Planting a garden is fun and easy to do. It is also a great experience for a child where they can learn a lot. I recently started a small bean garden with my kids and they are really enjoying it. My favorite to plant is sugar snap peas because they are easy to grow and taste great, especially right off the plant. Your garden can be planted in a small patch of land or even in a pot.

Step one: Remove large stones and roots from the area being planted.

Step two: Plant beans in the soil according to the instructions on the package.

Step three: Your plans will need something to lean on as they grow. Place sticks in the ground and connect them with string along the top and middle of the sticks. You can also use inexpensive wire garden fencing for the plants to grow on.

Step four: Water the soil.

Things to talk about with your child:

Why do plants need water? - Plants need water for many reasons. Water helps to break down the minerals in the soil so that they can be absorbed by the plant. Also, plants are mostly composed of water. Water from the plant is evaporated through the leaves, so that water needs to be replenished so that the plant can survive. This evaporation through the leaves is called transpiration. Also, the water filled cells in the plant help the plant to stand up.

Why do plants need sun? - Plants use sunlight and carbon dioxide in the air to make their food. Plants have something called chlorophyll in their leaves which they use to make their own food. The chlorophyll is what makes the leaves green. This creation of food by plants is called photosynthesis. In photosynthesis plants use sunlight to change water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates (sugars) and oxygen.

Even young children can learn about the different scientific terms. Do not be afraid to use words such as photosynthesis and chlorophyll with your child. They are picking up new vocabulary every day when you talk with them and have the ability to learn complex terms. When you look at your garden over the season continue to talk about the different process taking place with the plants and by the end of the season they will be experts in how plants grow.

Things You'll Need to Plant a Garden

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